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Arts Organizations

There are many ways you can get involved in local arts organizations. Learn more below.

SITE Santa Fe

Our Young Curator program is an after school program designed to give teens the opportunity to experience what it is like to curate an art exhibition in a museum setting. Students learn what it means to curate work at a professional level and produce a physical exhibition. This experience shows teens a side of the art world that is not immediately obvious to all, but provides additional pathways for those interested in pursuing a career in art.

Age: 18+

Programs offered: We could potentially offer this internship to a younger candidate (who is the right fit), but there is a time commitment to our internships that make it difficult for younger teens to complete (while attending school). (10 -15 hours a week working in the building during 9-5 hours)

Contact: Louis Abbene-Meagley

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NM Youth Conservation Corps

The NMYCC provides grants up to $150,000 for entities who hire and train youth ages 14 to 25 to carry out projects on public lands and facilities. The grant will pay for corps member wages, training and supplies related to the project. Funding is available to tribal governments, state agencies, local government agencies or units, federal agencies operating within the state, and non-profit organizations with a 501(c) IRS designation.

Age: 14-25

Programs offered: Grants to organizations that hire teens to do conservation and community projects.

Contact: Sarah Wood

Wise Fool

We provide training and paid work for teens who love working with children and are interested in learning how to teach children how to read using fun, engaging games, phonics and multi-sensory strategies.

Age: 12+

Programs offered: Workshops/classes, Events, Volunteer opportunities, Summer camps/programs

Contact: Oriana Lee

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