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The Community Educator’s Network hosts monthly meetings educators working in a variety of organizations to discuss and plan CEN related programming. Additionally, these monthly meetings provide an opportunity for professional development as well as networking among educators. Previous meetings have included professional development through discussions around shared readings and presentations from local and national experts in a number of field.

Past presentations have included:

  • Early Childhood Education - Dr. Jennifer Sallee

  • Ensuring Successful Internships - Sean Martinez (Youth Works) & Katy Gross (Little Globe)

  • Quality Evaluation Processes - Kathleen Doll

  • Museum Education - Richard Rabinowitz

  • Committee Reports and Grant Writing - Josie Butler

  • Advocacy - Judy Williams

  • Literacy Education Training - Rayna Dineen (Reading Quest) and Amy Miller (May Center for Learning) 

  • New Mexico Out of School Time Network - May Sagbakken 

  • Equity and Access in STEM Education - Erin Strauss

  • Next Generation Science Standards - Mollie Toll 

  • Equity and Inclusion In Museums - Alyssa Machida 

  • Santa Fe Public Schools Arts Education - Lisa Fisher 

  • Discussion on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) 

If you would like to learn more, minutes from

past meetings can be found               or feel free to 

attend a meetings and engage with educator's throughout

the community!

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