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     The Santa Fe Community Educators Network (SFCEN) is a collaborative working group, part of the Opportunity Santa Fe: Birth to Career Initiative. We are a collection of educators from over forty different organizations throughout Santa Fe and the surrounding areas who believe in the power of collaboration to enhance experiential education in our community.


     Collectively we promote hands-on, project based learning in the community through engaging programming in a variety of settings. Our offerings includes in- class, out of school time and family programming as well as teacher support and curriculum development. Additionally, we provide opportunities for networking, professional development as well as for shared growth and learning among informal educators in nonprofit organizations. It is our belief that we have the potential to make a greater impact in enriching tour community together than any one of organizations has alone. We hope you will join us in utilizing diverse and engaging experiential education to create a city where schools, families, and students can thrive!

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