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In addition to the variety of in class programming opportunities offered by organizations in our network, the SFCEN has come together to implement a set of in class projects as well. Based on our commitment to supporting local schools and teachers and belief that project based learning is a critical element of a rich learning environment, SFCEN prioritizes the programming we provide directly in public school classrooms.


Creative Collaborations provides hands on academic support to schools across the city. Two organizations work together to create a joint project and identify a teacher who is interested in having the project implemented in their classroom. Based on a Hestia fund report (link to report?) concerning how to ensure a lasting impact on student success, pairs of organizations are asked to commit to a minimum of eight in-class project hours with their chosen classroom. Organizations have implemented their collaborative projects in a variety of schools with differing grade levels. The purpose of this effort is to increase student interest and engagement in school, while providing the opportunity to learn new skills and explore potential career paths.Check out the photos below to see some of the unique products that have merged from past collaborations!


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