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In addition to the variety of in class programming opportunities offered by organizations in our network, the SFCEN has come together to implement a set of in class projects as well. Based on our commitment to supporting local schools and teachers and belief that project based learning is a critical element of a rich learning environment, SFCEN prioritizes the programming we provide directly in public school classrooms.


As a part of maintaining shared measures through which we can track the progress of our work, the SFCEN is committed to consistent evaluation of our programs. The majority of our evaluations are conducted by an outside evaluations, Claremont PhD Student Kathleen Doll. Kathleen has constructed evaluation tools that can be utilized across the scope of our programs to assess participant engagement, personal and academic growth as well as SEL (Social Emotional Learning). We believe in performing assessments collectively verses relying on evaluations performed by participating organizations to ensure that we are tracking the impact of our collective work.

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