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Tasked with one of the most critical roles in our society, the Community Educators Network has firm commitment to supporting teachers and doing our best to complement their hard work in the classroom. We aim to back the work of teachers in our community by form lasting partnerships and working with them to enhance educational opportunities for youth. SFCEN strives to maintain open lines of communication with formal educators in the community to better understand how we can best support them. As a part of this effort SFCEN has provided curriculum development and resouces for teachers to easily access information about the opportunities for classrooms offered by organizations in the community





The 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant ensures free after-school enrichment programming for low-income families with students who are struggling academically. For several years, the 21st Century grant has enhanced after-school programs at schools in both the Española and Santa Fe Public School Districts. For _______ years the Community Educator’s Network has designed curriculum to be implemented in the 21st century schools after school programs in both districts. Organizations form small groups to collectively create 24 hours worth of programming to be implemented at the teachers discretion. Twice a year, SFCEN works in conjunction with 21st Century Schools directors from both districts to host a training for all 130 - 150 teachers who will be implementing the curricula. Trainings provide a hands on opportunity for teachers to examine and discuss the activities they will be implementing as well as provides them with the physical materials required for each curriculum. Between trainings, organizations commit to site visits as well as being available to support teachers throughout the implementation process. Following the training, curriculums are available online for education.




organizations such as curriculum support, in class programming and field trips. In addition to learning about local offerings, teachers also have the opportunity to engage in one on one conversations with representatives from different organizations about potential partnerships. In 2017 the event was rebranded to “Teacher’s Night Out,” and we began marketing the event as a celebration of teachers and learning in addition to a helpful resource. Teacher’s Night Out has become a space where teachers can network and learn from one another while enjoying free food, beverages and raffle items. In 2018, 26 different organizations participated in the evening with close to 100 teachers in attendance.

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Based on feedback from school teachers indicating that need for a comprehensive source to find up to date information about opportunities offered to classroom teachers in the community, the Community Educators Network created the Teacher’s Resource Fair in 2015. This event was designed as a “one-stop-shop” school teachers to explore educational programming offered by local


     The Community Resource Guide for Teachers is a working document that contains comprehensive information about the educational opportunities offered by organizations in the community in one location. This guide is a complementary resource to the Teacher’s Night Out event and makes information from the event available to teachers who were unable to attend, or for past attendees to reference. This guide is designed to answer questions specifically geared towards school educators such as the cost of programming and whether or not transportation is offered. Additionally included in this resource is contact information for educators at each organization so that teachers can reach out to them directly with questions and to set up programming. This resource is updated regularly to ensure that teachers have access to accurate and current information and distributed to schools regularly. If you are interested in having your organization’s information added to this resource, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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