Steering Committee

 SFCEN will have a Steering Committee/Team: operationalizes the results of the January and July meetings: future meeting dates, locations, topics for meetings and who will facilitate the meetings. 

The Steering Committee/Team will collaborate with Admin/Communications interns on basic SFCEN business: meeting emails, maintaining website, maintaining online document management. Responsibilities of the group include: Maintaining the email list, inviting participants, arranging food, speakers, and space, taking notes, disseminating notes and other information to the group, updating social media and website when necessary.

Any SFCEN member can serve on the Steering Committee/Team with an understanding that they and/or their organization should optimally participate in all of the Steering Committee/Team meetings during that six-month time-frame.  

July- December Steering Committee​

Santa Fe Community Educators Network is a project of the Santa Fe Birth to Career Collaboration, a collective impact initiative supported by the Santa Fe Community Foundation.