Minutes for July 26th Meeting

August 23, 2019

Monthly CEN Meeting

July 26th, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Museum of International Folk Art, Auditorium


In Attendance: Amanda Rudolph, AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate/Opportunity Santa Fe; Ashlyn Vigil, AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate/Opportunity Santa Fe; Christopher Torres, AmeriCorps VISTA/Opportunity Santa Fe; Deb Novak, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science; Joanna Lefrak, SITE Santa Fe; Julia Sackett, Center For Contemporary Arts; Kemely Gomez, Museum of International Folk Art; Maddie Bavely, Santa Fe Botanical Garden; Mollie Parsons, Santa Fe Botanical Garden; Patricia Sigala, Museum of International Folk Art; Patricio Pacheco, City of Santa Fe Water Conservation; Sarah Canelas, AmeriCorps VISTA/Opportunity Santa Fe; Shannon Bay, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum; Tallie Segel, Santa Fe Botanical Garden; Winoka Yepa, Santa Fe Art Institute



  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Guest Speaker: Tom Graham, ADA Coordinator for the City of Santa Fe – Accessibility in from Parking to Facility Entry

    • Was originally an architect from Northern California; specifically, the medical field.

      • ADA & Accessibility was always a part of the designs.

      • He had an accident and, as a result, was in a wheelchair for a while. — Made topic more personal.

    • He moved to New Mexico about a year ago. — Got a job with the state.

      • Santa Fe, specifically. — Is new to the city.

      • Applied when the ADA coordinator position opened up.

        • Has been in position for 3 weeks.

    • Regarding New Mexico — All the categories of NM exceed the US Census Bureau’s Percentage.

      • See corresponding PowerPoint for details.

    • Public accommodations are needed anywhere the public needs to go.

      • They must be usable. — Allow for curb access.

        • Accessibility spaces are frequently abused; used for other purposes.

      • Number of spaces is determined by the total number of parking spaces provided.

        • Needs to be the closest parking to the entrance.

        • Please see car parking specifics. — Must have blue striped access aisle

          • See PowerPoint for space details.

        • Table provided with total required accessible parking spaces, including van specifics.

          • New Mexico has a more thorough code. — More stringent takes precedent for all building spaces.

      • There are two types of accessible parking spaces: Standard & Van.

        • Aisle is provided on one side of the parking space; not both.

          • Idea is that the space can be backed into if necessary; allows for access on the connected side.

        • Two options for a van appropriate space:

          • 8’ wide space, with 8’ wide aisle

          • 11’ wide space, with 5’ wide aisle

      • Markings are required to have the International Symbol of Accessibility.

        • Must include blue and white contrasting.

        • If it is a gravel parking lot, it does not count as a stable surface.

          • Cannot be used for accessibility.

      • Parking signage also has specific codes.

        • There is a minimum height for main signs.

          • This does not include the “Van Accessible” portion.

        • Please see the PowerPoint for further details.

      • Animation provided by the U.S Access Board.

    • Sources of funding for Non-profits to use for the purposes of ADA compliance?

      • No specific sources or grants to apply for.

      • Ideas to handle expenses:

        • Tax exemptions & incentives.

        • Donations and fundraising campaign.

    • What are the potential consequences for not following ADA compliance?

      • Leaves you open to potential lawsuit.

      • All that’s necessary is trying to do your best to provide accessibility. — Main purpose.

    • One of the biggest issues is people parking too close to the striped aisle.

    • Agencies or individuals available to do an audit for a site?

      • See the Governor’s Commission of Disability.

        • Give them a call; the will do it for free.

        • Will do what they can to connect you to resources to make those changes.

          • They have a program for low-income residential situations.

    • Please see the US Access Board website for more details, such as checklists and further specifications.

  • Subcommittee Updates:

    • Teacher’s Night Out - Friday, October 4th, 2019

    • Sweeney After School

      • Sweeney would like to extend their school time. — Will be asking for details.

        • They asked for the CEN to potentially provide programming for this.

    • Adelante

    • 21st Century Teacher’s Training

    • Creative Collaborations

      • Finalized result data is available.

    • City Summer Program

      • Has been wrapped up.

      • We will have a debrief meeting for the Summer Program in September.

  • Announcements & Wrap Up

    • Next Meeting: August 30th, Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary, 1800 Upper Canyon Rd

      • Strategic Planning Meeting.

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