Minutes for May 31st Meeting

June 21, 2019

Monthly CEN Meeting

May 31st, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Round House Meeting Room, 500 Market Street


In Attendance: Addison Nace, SITE Santa Fe; Amanda Lee, SITE Santa Fe; Amanda Rudolph, Summer Associate; Ashley Z., Volunteer; Ashlyn Vigil, Summer Associate; Cam Duncan, Hands-On Heritage; Diego Medina, School for Advanced Research; Jackie Melega, Santa Fe Opera Young Technicians; Jennifer Wellington, Bike Santa Fe; Joanne Lefrak, SITE Santa Fe; Kemely Gomez, Museum of International Folk Art; Leona Hillary, Santa Fe Children’s Museum; Lisa Noriega, City of Santa Fe; Lucia Duncan, Hands-On Heritage; Melanie LaBorwit, New Mexico History Museum; Mollie Parsons, Santa Fe Botanical Garden; Mollie Toll, Office of Archeological Studies; Nadine Stafford, Interfaith Coalition for Public Education; Penny Holcomb, Opportunity Santa Fe; Ralph Holcomb, Opportunity Santa Fe; Ryan Williams, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum; Sarah Canelas, Opportunity Santa Fe; Sarah Mandala, ARTsmart New Mexico; Shannon Bay, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum; Shannon Palermo, Railyard Park Conservancy; Tamara Grybko, New Mexico Evaluators; Winoka Yepa, Santa Fe Art Institute;



  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Kathleen Doll, Evaluation Associate, Claremont Evaluation Center – Observation Protocol & Evaluation Process

    • She is a partner with the Community Educators Network and Opportunity Santa Fe for the Youth Summer Program.

    • Evaluation and Continuous Quality Improvement

      • A systematic mechanism to determine something’s worth; can include programs, policies, products, personnel.

        • If programs work, then helps determine for who and why.

      • Is also used to help programs improve.

      • Quality is a standard of something.  Is linked to the process of evaluations.

        • What does this look like in the Community Educators Network programming?

        • Observations are one way to examine this.

    • How do we improve the quality of CEN programs?

      • Observation Protocol is one available tool.

      • There are Seven Service Quality Standards:

        • 1 is Staff Preparedness & Activity Implementation

        • 2 is Classroom Management

        • 3 is Youth Engagement

        • 4 & 5 are Relationships

        • 6  is Skill Development

        • 7  is Supportive Learning Practices

    • Basic Observation Tips

      • Connect with the facilitator or teacher; this can dispel anxiety and provide context.

      • Keep your pen/pencil moving when observing.

      • The Observation Protocol is just a tool.  Use your own judgement.

      • Try to observe for at least 2 hours, if you cannot observe the entire length of a program.

      • Have more than one observer in the room.

    • We want to create a protocol to observe each other, in order to both improve ourselves and to use as a resource for funding.

      • This is the foundation of peer evaluation; using each other as a resource for improvement.

      • Encourage each other to have conversations both before and after the observation, for feedback purposes.

      • This process and the Observation Protocol are changeable/adaptable; use it as you feel it is appropriate.

    • Community Educators Network Vignette Activity

      • An engagement activity to familiarize oneself with the protocol.

      • The Observation Protocol should not be used as a stand-alone document; it is one part of a package of evaluation information.

      • It is a method to compare what the observer sees to what the observed knows.

      • Consider: how do you want to use the resulting information?

  • Announcements & Wrap Up

    • Summer Intern Events

      • Networking events are being planned for Summer Interns of Community Educators Network organizations.

      • If you have an event you would like to host, let us know!

    • Books for Sweeney Summer Programming Library

      • We are collecting books for a Summer Library at Sweeney Elementary during the Youth Summer Programming.

      • If you have books you would like to donate, please reach out.

  • Next Meeting: June 28th, Santa Fe Botanical Garden, 715 Camino Lejo

    • Sabra Romero, Volunteer Coordinator – Santa Fe Public Schools Volunteer Policy.

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