Minutes for April 26th Meeting

May 24, 2019

Monthly CEN Meeting

April 26th, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Udall Conference Room


In Attendance: Andy Otto, Santa Fe Watershed Association; Alanna Herrera, Wise Fool NM; Amanda Lee, SITE Santa Fe; Diego Medina, School for Advanced Research; Elena Kayak, SFPS; Kemely Gomez, MOIFA; Leona Hillary, Santa Fe Children’s Museum; Lisa Noriega, City of Santa Fe; Maddie Bavley, Santa Fe Botanical Garden/Cooking With Kids; Matt Krietman, Bike Santa Fe; Mollie Parsons, Santa Fe Botanical Garden; Mollie Toll, Office of Archaeological Studies; Nadine Stafford, Interfaith Coalition; Ryan Williams, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum; Sara Digby, Institute for Applied Ecology; Sarah Canelas, Opportunity Santa Fe; Shannon Bay, O’Keeffe Museum; Tamara Grybko;



  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Subcommittee Updates

    • Teacher’s Night Out - Friday, October 4th, 2019

      • Contact has been made with the new Event Coordinator to re-confirm the CCA as the location.

      • Have begun to reach out to possible sponsors.

      • Working on break out session ideas for teachers in different areas.

    • Sweeney After School

      • End of the Year Celebration is Friday, May 10th.

        • Backpacks will be handed out to the students.

          • If there is anything you would like to include in the backpacks, please let us know by May 8th.

    • Adelante

      • The Juntos los Miercoles program will be changing schools next school year.

    • 21st Century Teachers Training

      • We will not be having programming this upcoming school year.

        • There have been funding changes due to the teachers’ raise.

      • Funding has been set aside for visits.

        • We’ll be reaching out for organizations to sign up to host field trips.

    • Creative Collaborations

      • Wrapping up it’s programming for the year.

    • City Summer Program

      • Confirmed the contact list for the on-site educators.

      • Developed plans for literary element strategies.

      • Summer Staff Training has a draft schedule.

      • Signed contacts for the participating educators.

  • Andy Otto, Executive Director, Santa Fe Watershed Association

    • Mission of the SFWA is to protect and restore the health and vibrancy of the Santa Fe River and its watershed for the benefit of people and the environment.

      • Achieved through Education, Restoration, Stewardship, Advocacy.

    • My Water, My Watershed

      • Science-based program for fourth and fifth grade Santa Fe Public School students to study and explore their watershed.

        • Day One: One-hour pre-visit to classroom. Define a watershed and map out the Santa Fe River and its watershed. Prepare for field trip.

        • Day Two: Full school day field trip to upper watershed to practice exploration, observation, and data collection. Sampling of aquatic macroinvertebrates in the Santa Fe River using a dichotomous key and wildlife observation.

        • Day Three: One-hour post-visit to classroom. Review field program findings and evaluation activity. Explore ideas for water conservation and revisit where we get our water from.

    • Adopt-the-River

      • SFWA and the City and County of Santa Fe partner to enlist businesses, groups and individuals to help take care of the river.

        • Sponsors and Stewards are credited with their name and logo on hanging signs along their section of river.

      • Goal is to continue bringing the river back to life, which requires:

        • Integrated program of storm runoff management.

        • Releases from upstream reservoirs. 

        • Use of the river channel as a zone for aquifer recharge.

    • Adopt-an-Arroyo

      • Based on the Adopt-the-River program.

        • Designates a Steward Team of volunteers who:

          • Monitor the health of arroyos in the Santa Fe River watershed

          • Removing debris.

          • Advise the SFWA as to potentially damaging situations within each arroyo.

        • Working with a Sponsoring entity who:

          • Contributes funding to provide for the on-going management and potentially necessary restoration measures.

    • NM Climate Masters

      • Provides 30 hours of in-class programming and a field trip to participants over 10 weeks.

        • Designed to provide ideas of how we can reduce our carbon footprints:

          • Includes transportation, energy conservation, waste, consumption, food, and water issues.

        • Upon completion of the program, participants create and implement a 30-hour service project in the community.

        • This project has two objectives for the participants:

          • Serve as a positive messenger of how we as individuals and a community can reduce our carbon footprint.

          • Incorporate the learned material into a small-scale, community service effort.

    • More information can be found on their website: here.

  • Announcements & Wrap Up

    • Next Meeting: May 31st, Roundhouse Meeting Room, 500 Market Station

      • Kathleen Doll – Evaluation Process and an Observation Training.

    • Santa Fe Bike Week is Saturday, May 11th to Sunday, May 19th.

      • May 11th, from 10am to 1pm: 9th Annual Bike Swap, with Bike Santa Fe at St. Michael’s Village.

    • Forest Bound Outdoor Program is recruiting participants!

      • Program for high school age youth that utilizes the Native Plant Curriculum, developed by the Institute for Applied Ecology.

      • More info can be found here.

    • Fiesta Para Bebes will be Saturday, June 1st.

    • The Festival of Learning is Sunday, May 5th from 2:00pm to 6:00pm at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center.

    • We need Summer Associates for the City Summer Program!

      • More information about the process can be found here.

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