Minutes for March 29th Meeting

April 22, 2019

Monthly CEN Meeting

March 29th, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm

NM History Museum


In Attendance: Lucia Duncan, Hands-on Heritage; Leona Hillary, SF Children’s Museum; Melanie LaBorwit, NM History Museum; Karen Rencountre, EarthCare; Matt , Bike Santa Fe; Alishiya Kapoor, Wise Fool; Rose Himrod, SFCC Lions; Tom Himrod, SFCC Lions; Amy Pilling, Life arts Laboratory; Drew Ayotte, Meow Wolf; Elena Kayak, SFPS; Kemely Gomez, MOIFA; Mollie Parsons, Santa Fe Botanical Garden;  Mollie Toll, Office of Archaeological Studies; Molly Timmins, Santa Fe Community Foundation, Patricia Sigala, MOIFA; Shannon Bay, O’Keeffe Museum; Veronica Black, SITE Santa Fe;



A Conversation Around Decolonization & Youth Work

Outreach Include

    • Works with both Middle and High School students in public and charter schools.

    • Youth Empowerment

    • Cross-cultural Relationship Building

    • Social Justice

    • Systems of Power

    • Environmental Justice

    • Activism

  • What is colonization?

  • Going somewhere you don’t belong

  • Taking control over the economic and culture already established

  • Taking over resources

  • Greed and need of resources

  • Narratives get changed

  • Dismantling a culture

  • Religion

We have to be able to understand colonization and the history

  • Subcommittee Updates

    • Teacher’s Night Out

      • October 4th, 2019 – Location: TBD

      • E-mail will go out around the end of August for organizations to sign up to participate

    • Sweeney After School

      • Sweeney staff and students have positive reviews of the program

      • Afterschool Program Gathering May 10, 2019 2:30- 5pm

    • Adelante

      • Adelante evening is warping up at the end of April

      • The program will continue, please sign up for the next dates

      • Adelante Wednesday Nights will potentially relocate

    • 21st Century Teacher’s Training

      • Please review the site visits  document

      • If you don’t have access to the site visits doc, contact Mollie Parson

    • Creative Collaborations

    • City Summer Program

      • Our schedule is full!

      • Planning meeting on April 26 11:00 – TBD

      • Signed Up for summer 2020

  • Announcements & Wrap Up

    • Next Meeting: April 26th , Location TBD

    • SFPS spring break is the week of march 18th - 22nd

    • May 11th - City of Santa Fe Community Day

    • SF Bike week - May 11th

      • If your organization wants to be included - possibly if children show a helmet at a institution that day than they can get in for free

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