Minutes for February 22nd Meeting

February 25, 2019

Monthly CEN Meeting

February 22nd, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm

SITE Santa Fe


In Attendance: Alanna Herrera, Wise Fool NM; Dana Greenblatt, Opportunity Santa Fe; Dawn Kaufmann, MOIFA; Drew Ayotte, Meow Wolf; Elena Kayak, SFPS; Kemely Gomez, MOIFA; Lisa Noriega, City of Santa Fe; Mary Massey, SFPS; Mollie Parsons, Santa Fe Botanical Garden;  Mollie Toll, Office of Archaeological Studies; Molly Timmins, Santa Fe Community Foundation, Katie Doyle, 516 Arts; Patricia Sigala, MOIFA; Rae Hoffacker, 21st Century Program; Ralph Holcomb, Opportunity Santa Fe; Ryan Clayburn, O’Keeffe Museum; Sally Maxwell, Audubon NM; Shannon Bay, O’Keeffe Museum; Shannon Palermo, Railyard Park Conservancy; Shawna Jones, Santa Fe Botanical Garden; Veronica Black, SITE Santa Fe;



  • Welcome and Introductions

    • What are topics that you would like to discuss/learn about at future CEN meetings?

      • How to support children learning in the outdoors

      • How to support the whole family unit

      • Scaling up, sustainability of the network and developing new programs

      • Different programs and workshops that each of our orgs is working on - decreasing the repetition

      • Learning about successful outreach programs used by different organizations

      • Learning about each other’s organizations through hands on experience

      • Feedback on programs between organizations

      • Media and tech literacy skills

      • Increasing accessibility

      • How CEN supports college bound students

      • Diversifying the grant writing process

      • Cross collaboration between ABQ and Santa Fe

      • Transportation to organizations

        • Drew will provide some resources

        • Rafting companies in the off season

        • Elena will ask exec. director of education what the rules are

  • Subcommittee Updates

    • Teacher’s Night Out

      • October 4th, 2019 - Center for Contemporary Arts

      • Committee toured the space -  it is big and beautiful and will be able to accomodate us well!

      • E-mail will go out around the end of August for organizations to sign up to participate

      • This year, for the first time, there will be designated break out times for teachers in similar subjects to network

    • Sweeney After School

      • Sweeney staff and students have positive reviews of the program

    • Adelante

    • 21st Century Teacher’s Training

      • Surveys have been compiled from last year

      • The sign up sheet for site visits was sent to partners and teachers

    • Creative Collaborations

      • Upcoming meeting - Date: TBD

    • City Summer Program

      • Our schedule is full!

      • Planning meeting on March 29th 11:00 - NM History Museum

      • Railyard park can host a field trip for a different organizations

  • Conference Information Sharing

    • Mollie Toll - NM Association for Gifted Education Conference

      • The Office of Archaeological Studies (OAS) has noticed teachers are dubious about finding direct relationship to literacy and math scores - especially if the programming is not directly related to those topics. For this reason, OAS has targeted their programming at after school programs, home school programs or independent schools.

      • Mollie was asked to present at the NM Associated of Gifted Education conference, which consisted of 25 gifted teachers from across the state.

        • OAS was able to make kits for teachers to do OAS programming at their school sites

      • SFPS Gifted Program would like to make more connections with CEN.

      • Gifted education is there to support students who work outside of the box - this may mean that they are struggling or high performers.

        • → get contact info from Mollie

    • Joanne Lefrak - MASS Action

      • MASS Action: Museum as A Site for Social Action

      • MASS Action includes a three year project guide to make cultural   institutions more equitable, diverse,  inclusive and accessible.

        • Created tool kit to be distributed to different institutions around the country

      • The MASS Action conference attracted a broad range of participants. All organizations had to apply to the program with an action item for the organization. Each organizations was tasked with examining how the values listed above fit within their organization’s existing core values and creating an equity statement as an organization. An equity statement is critical for organizations doing this work because members, constituents and staff must all be on the same page about the intentions of the organization.

      • Successfully diversifying a board is more than just putting diverse people in board member positions. SITE has begun hosting meeting where staff and board members can explore the meaning of diversity together.

      • Several tasks forces have emerged out of these meetings including an Equity Statement Task Force, a Land Acknowledgement Task Force as well as others.

        • Joanne is happy to share information she has found about specific accessibility issues and grants

      • Each organization has to do the work themselves - they cannot simply take the information that another organization came up with

      • Depending on their age, background and beliefs, each individual is meeting these topics at different level

      • Here is an electronic copy of the MASS Action ToolKit. Additionally Joanne has generously offered to lend her hard copy of the ToolKit to folks who would like to read it in a hard copy format.

  • Announcements & Wrap Up

    • Next Meeting: March 29th, NM History Museum

      • Terri O’Hare - Accessibility in Cultural Institutions 

    • SFPS spring break is the week of march 18th - 22nd

    • Railyard Park - Nature based play for 0 - 4

      • May 25th -  Mid August

      • Other CEN organizations are welcome to sign up - this is easy program to plug into. Shannon will be sending out a sign up sheet

    • March 4th - Culture Day at the roundhouse

      • State museums and historic sites will be tabling

    • May 11th - City of Santa Fe Community Day

    • SF Bike week - May 11th

      • If your organization wants to be included - possibly if children show a helmet at a institution that day than they can get in for free

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