Minutes for November 30th Meeting

December 5, 2018

Community Educator’s Network Monthly Meeting

November 30th, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Museum of International Folk Art


In Attendance: Dana Greenblatt, Americorps VISTA; Susan Mclntosh, Santa Fe Science Institute; Antonia Barela, Railyard Park Conservancy; Mary Massey, Santa Fe Public Schools; Alanna Herrera, Wise Fool; Dawn Kaufmann, Museum of International Folk Art; Shannon Bay, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum; Sarah Zurick, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum; Ryan Williams, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum; Leslie Farge, Museum of International Folk Art; Mollie Parsons, Santa Fe Botanical Garden; Elysia Poon, School for Advanced Research; Veronica Black, SITE Santa Fe; Shawna Jones, Santa Fe Botanical Garden; Kemely Gomez, Museum of International Folk Art; Diego Medina, School for Advanced Research; Patricia Sigala, Museum of International Folk Art; Brian Skeele, Sustainable Neighborhoods.


  • Introductions

  • Discussion on Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

    • What are the things that CEN is already doing in our programming to promote SEL?

      • Although SEL is considered a “soft skill” it is critical in student development. SEL starts in the classroom with students paying attention to how people talk with one another. It is important for all educators to lead by example in displaying for students how to communicate with others in a respectful way. This issue is first and foremost in SEL development and should not be overlooked for expediency. Communication includes how students treat one another and how the adults treat the the students.

      • When MOIFA students coming in for tours and are given activities to create, the educators emphasize that the student is doing it themselves and not for or directed by anyone else. This creates a safe risk taking environment, which is a critical element of what it takes to be a good leader. Often times children are in an environment where they feel that they are always being judged and do not feel comfortable taking risks in their learning.

      • Because we have moved into a digital age where most people rely heavily on technology, many kids coming into schools have language delays in part because parents are on their devices instead of interacting with their children. It is helpful to create programming that includes time away from devices.

      • Technology can also be used as a tool for developing SEL skills. Learning technology and other sciences can provide opportunities for students to be peer educators.

      • The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum includes SEL development in their updates and reports to funders.

      • Being clear on expectations and following through on set expectations is another method of developing SEL skills. This practice is especially important because not everyone walks in the door with the same definition of respect and what appropriate behavior is.

      • CEN did a training for City Program summer staff about the type of leadership styles and behaviors we want to model for the students. For example, we discussed how to invite kids into an activity when they are sitting on the sidelines and therefore create a sense of connection between that student and the rest of the group.

  • How could CEN improve our programming to have a greater focus on SEL


      • It would be helpful for CEN to receive a training on the “PAX” classroom management techniques that are being used by the public schools

      • How can we improve our method of SEL assessment?

      • Best Practices for Incorporating SEL Development

        • Begin programs with an Ice Breaking (E.g. have students share information about themselves with a partners, then each students reports back to the group about what they heard from their partner.)

        • Line students up according to the month of their birthday  - this is one way to arrange students that allows them to view the group differently and possibly feel a greater sense of commonality.

    • Technology in School

        • Allow students the opportunity to meet each other before they meet the machine - hold off on introducing technology in a program until person to person interaction has occurred. Studies have shown that there is more conversation in the hallways if phones are not allowed in schools

        • Often times parents want the phones taken away from their children during the school day and at times there is pushback from parents when the curriculum relies too heavily on smartphone usage.

  • Community Resource Guide: Formatting Feedback and Distribution Suggestions

    • How should we ensure information is up to date?

    • If it is in a PDF or Google Link it can be a link on the resource page of organization’s websites.

    • It is important to think about when teachers need to know this information to determine distribution dates. Before school years starts and right after the new year would be key distribution times - updates should occur in the weeks prior to these dates.

    • Susan will do some research into what are the best method to get the word out.

    • What would be the best way to add a collaborators section?

  • Susan Mclntosh: Science Advisory Meeting Notes

    • Susan met with the public schools science advisory to better understand their needs and how organizations in the community can support them.

    • Teacher need a resources that details information about the type of field trip offerings that are available from organizations in the community. Middle school teachers have over 100 students to accomodate in many cases - having to split this number of students into multiple different field trips is time consuming. However, very few organizations can accommodate 100 students.

      • Perhaps organizations can partner to create field trip opportunities

    • Teachers need help with transportation costs - they need to know which organizations provide transportation and where funds are available for transportation.

      • Estimate for current cost of school busses for field trips: $90 in town and $130 outside of town

      • Would it be possible to bring in city support by using their transit systems?

    • Teachers want to know which organizations can offer in class programming instead of field trip.

  • CEN Involvement in Math Power Family Night

    • Math Amigos, an Opportunity Santa Fe collaborative working group,  holds family nights focused on math education that involves that whole family. CEN is invited to participate in the upcoming family night to provide information and activities about how math shows up in unexpected places (e.g. art, nature, movement.)

    • February 21st, 5:30 - 7:00pm, Sweeney Elementary School

    • Organizations should bring raffle items

    • Notify Dana if you are interested in participating

  • Applying for Collective AmeriCorps Funding

  • CEN has been approached by the statewide Americorps office about collectively applying for AmeriCorps funding.

  • Interested organizations would contribute to an extensive grant writing process and be eligible to have 3 - 4 AmeriCorps members serve at their organization.

  • This would be a lot of work but well worth it for organizations who are in need of extra support. There are several logistics to figure out such has health insurance for service members, etc.

  • Contact Dana or Mollie Parsons if you are interested or would like to learn more.

  • Sub Committee Updates

  • Summer Youth Program

  • Sweeney After School Program

    • Holiday Craft Days November 30th & December 7th

      • One spot open on December 7th - Contact Dana if interested

      • April 12th and 26th  are open - we would like to give priority to organizations who have not yet had an opportunity to sign up for this program.

  • Adelante Wednesday Evening Juntos Program

    • December 12th, February 6th and March 27th open for a second organization

    • Each organization compensated $50

  • Teacher’s Night Out

    • Holding teacher feedback sessions during school staff meetings

  • 21st Century Teacher Training

    • February 2nd, Higher Education Center

  • New Steering Committee Needed

    • Next month is last month of current steering committee and we are looking two or three individuals to serve as the steering committee for January - June 2019.

    • It is an essential for CEN and an obligation that does not take a lot of work. The responsibility of the steering committee is to arrange the location, topic/speaker and food for the monthly CEN meetings.

    • There are three meetings in the new year already planned, so the commitment will be especially lite this term!

    • If you are interested in serving or finding out more about the position contact Dana.

  • Next Meeting: Happy Hour!

    • In place of our monthly meeting, we will be coming together in December for a happy hour holiday celebration. Please join us to relax, mingle and enjoy food and beverages!

    • Thursday December 20th, 5:00 - 7:00pm Tumbleroot Distillery and Brewery (2791 Agua Fria St.)

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