Minutes for October 26th Meeting

October 29, 2018

Community Educators Network Monthly Meeting

October 26th, 2018, 12:00 - 1:00

Wise Fool New Mexico


In Attendance: Diego Medina, SAR; Lisa Fisher, SFPP; Lucia Duncan, Hands on Heritage; Winoka Begay, SITE Santa Fe; Karen Recourne, Earth Care; Diego Medina, SAR; Shannon Palermo, Railyard Park Conservancy; Lisa Noriega, City of Santa Fe; Nadine Stafford; Mary Massey, SFPS; Nina Katz, Santa Fe Botanical Garden; Kemely Gomez, MOIFA; Leslie Farge, MOIFA; Alanna Herrera, Wise Fool NM; Nick Kunz, NM MESA; Joanne Lefrak, SITE Santa Fe.



  • Introductions

  • Lisa Fisher Presentation on SFPS Arts Education (30 minutes)

    • Art Education in the Santa Fe Public Schools

      • Each school site has one or two art teachers

        • Teaching about 5 classes a day

        • Seeing about 400 students per week

        • Full range of students in each teachers classroom

        • Kindergarteners in one moment, high schools in the next

        • Kids with learning differences

    • Lisa still goes into classrooms and visits different school sites

    • Performing Arts for Student Success (PASS) Program

      • Organizes teachers and buses for Lensic performances

    • Visiting artist program

      • Matches school sites with guest artists

    • One of Lisa’s major challenges is how to reach all of the school sites

    • Promotes arts education advocacy

      • Attends national conferences

    • There has been a new curriculum adoption by state of NM

      • Music, art, and science

      • For so long the arts have been asked what can they do for other subject areas. Now, science and math departments are asking the arts departments how they need to be supported?

    • Working with community partners anyway she can to support arts in the schools

    • How can we connect more organizations to SFPs?

      • Creating more internships for high school students

        • Opportunities for students to graduate high school and enter a career in the arts

        • There is a lack of secondary education in the arts

          • Art programs are more robust in the elementary grades

        • How can we provide the same level of support for our high school students that we do to our elementary students?

          • Survey of high school students to gauge the need

    • ArtWorks

      • Provide programming and support teachers beyond the initial experience of the field trip

    • Field trips are an opportunity for students to go to an organization they wouldn't normally have access to

        • Many organizations are not accessible to many families in the community

    • How can we create a more comprehensive experience with field trips?

      • Pre and post visits to organizations where we are talking to students about the careers involved

      • An educational component is even possible while they are waiting for the bus - we can be providing them with more information

      • Inquiry based ideas

    • Anchor Project

      • Teaching multiple disciplines through one organization

      • In Railyard Park

        • Science

        • History

        • Art

    • What about pulling public schools kids inot community outside of school hours?

      • Recycle Santa Fe fashion show

      • More art with students at the public libraries

      • Pull families in and serve wider populations of students

      • Hosting weekend at library where recycled materials are available and there is food and they make something

        • Possible theme - things that move, things that go

      • Connect with families and children without always relying on art teacher in the classroom

      • Classroom time is sacred - we need to reach teachers and students outside of the classroom

      • More free programs are needed for families

    • It is important to not only support the SFPS but also surrounding areas

      • Espanola has limited art teachers

  • Update from Principal Meeting

    • Principal feedback about how organizations can better support the schools

      • Comprehensive resource for information about field trips and programming

      • Funding for transportation is a major issue, often schools do not have the budget to pay the transportation department up front even if they are going to be reimbursed

      • Organizations tabling at schools open houses so that teachers and families are familiar what the community has to offer

      • Grade level specific field trips that line up with Common Core Science Standards - also to ensure that students are not going on the same field trip year after year

      • More events across schools - Math, science or heritage nights

      • More after school programming needed

      • More dance and theater arts programming needed

  • Subcommittee Updates

    • Teacher’s Night Out

      • Feedback survey has been sent to organizations that participated

      • SITE Santa Fe was a great space

      • There seems to be a plateau in attendance

        • What would it take to move the dial?

          • Change format or location?

        • The planning committee is going into schools to have a conversation with teachers about how the event would be improved

    • Youth Summer Program

      • Monthly planning meetings are taking place with the City of Santa Fe

      • All programming will be at one site for the Summer 2019 Program

    • Creative Collaborations

      • First Meeting yesterday (October 25th)

      • Programs would need to conclude by end of april

      • Programming will take place during the day

      • Middle through high school aged students will be served

      • Each group will commit to eight visits

      • Classrooms will be surveyed before and after the program

        • Show assessment of program as a whole instead of individually

      • GoogleDoc filled in by November 8th for participating organizations

      • $1,800 in funding that gets divided depending on the number of participating organizations

      • Separate budget for videography

      • Kathleen Doll will update the pre and post surveys from last time to include SEL (social emotional learning) assessment questions

      • If you are interested in participating during the 2018 - 2019 school year contact Dana

    • Sweeney After-School Program

      • Going well!

      • We are meeting with Sandy at Sweeney to discuss the holiday craft days

      • The schedule is currently full but we will be selecting more dates will be set for the springtime

    • 21st Century Teacher Training

      • Winter training: February 2nd Winter training

      • Location TBD

      • Feedback surveys went out

      • Looking to try and increase materials budget

      • Elysia Poon serving on district's committee

    • Adelante

      • We will be outlining additional dates soon

  • Community Updates

    • Railyard Park Conservancy Youth Photo Contest

      • https://railyardpark.org/2018-kids-photo-contest/

    • Earth Day Planning Committee

      • If you are interested contact Shannon Palermo - shannon@railyardpark.org

    • Wise Fool is looking for board members

      • If you are interested contact Alanna Herrera - youth@wisefoolnm.org

  • Next Meeting

    • November 30th, 2018

    • MOIFA?

    • MOIFA?

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