Santa Fe Community Educators Network is a project of the Santa Fe Birth to Career Collaboration, a collective impact initiative supported by the Santa Fe Community Foundation.

Minutes for July 27th, 2018 Meeting

August 3, 2018


Santa Fe Community Educators Network

Meeting for July 27th, 2018

Museum of International Folk Art


In Attendance: Dana Greenblatt, Americorps VISTA; Shannon Palermo, Railyard Park Conservancy; Carol Aubrey, Transformational Learning; Lauren Henriksen, Creative Santa Fe; Maddie Bavley, Santa Fe Botanical Gardens; Shawna Jones, Santa Fe Botanical Gardens; Therese Fontes, Americorps VISTA Summer Associate; Sarah Caneles, Americorps VISTA Summer Associate; Kemely Gomez, Americorps VISTA Summer Associate; Mollie Parsons, Santa Fe Botanical Gardens; Alana Herrera, Wise Fool; Leslie Farge, Museum of International Folk Art; Leona Hillary, Santa Fe Children’s Museum; Veronica Black, SITE Santa Fe; Drew Ayotte, Meow Wolf.



  • Planning for Next Six Months

    • Ideas for October and January Meeting

      • Sherry Kaufman - Assistant to STEAM Coordinator for Santa Fe Public Schools

        • Maybe to come with Mollie

      • ADA Access

        • NM School for the Deaf

          • Rocky Mountain Youth Corps

        • Behavioral change institute      

          • Jerry Steltzer

          • Children’s Museum

          • Special hours or events that are sensory friendly for families who have children with sensitivities

            • CEN have a schedule out

      • Citizen Science Efforts

        • No direct lead

        • Woman who used to be with Audubon NM

        • Citizen science astronomy

          • Children’s Museum

            • Storytelling and science

        • SFBG has projects going as well

          • Phrenology trail to look at specific plants

          • Part of a larger network

      • Global Warming Express

        • Student created climate change action group

        • Potentially paired with citizen science

      • Community Education from a Culturally Relevant perspective


  • CEN Norm/Expectation Setting

    • Roberts Rules of Order

      • Vote = voice

    • Circular protocol

      • No hierarchy

    • Step Up Step Back

      • If you generally speak up alot in public settings give room for others to speak, if you are quiet and process slowly - push yourself to step up more frequently

    • Everyone is needed and has a valid voice, skills and contributions to bring to the group

    • One person talking at a time “One Mic Rule”

      • Active listening displays a level of respect

    • Practice Respect & Kindness

    • Practice Appreciation & Gratitude

    • Cooperation

    • Practice Conflict Resolution Strategies

      • Acknowledge different perspectives

      • Holding space around standing in disagreement

    • Listen with the possibility of being changed. Speak with the possibility of being heard.

    • Be willing to experience discomfort

      • Be willing to look at parts of yourself that you don’t want to address

    • Remember why we are all here

      • This emerged from a desire to connect with people that have similar positions in their organization

      • Were all always students and teachers in every moment of our life


  • Reminder about Remaining Intern Opportunity

    • SITE Santa Fe - August 10th,  12:00 pm. Please RSVP to Joanne Lefrak at


  • Teacher’s Connecting with Community Organizations

    • August 2nd, 10 - 2

    • Grace Mayer reached out to me today and asked if there were some folks from CEN who might be willing to lead a 45 minute workshop on how teachers can connect with community organizations. I attached a flyer for the event, but basically, there are two break out sessions that they want to fill. The hope is a simple info session to help teachers connect with community educators. $50 stipend.


  • Creative Santa Fe: Lauren Henricksen

    • Disruptive Dialogues Project - creatively rethinking issues in our community

      • Thinking creatively and re-thinking power structure

    • Housing the future is an event that just happened

      • Discussed the affordable housing crisis in Santa Fe

      • Leveraged science fiction to revision the future

      • Creative prompt for community to use

        • How do next generations exist?

        • Jumping into future space

      • Responding via different artistic mediums

      • Going to create an informational zine that highlights responses that we get back

      • Lauren’s Contact:


  • Grant Update

    • Will be applying for the Santa Fe Community Foundation grant this year again

      • The grant being offered is less this year - heads up we may need to adjust

      • We will plan on continuing all the same programs


  • Sub Committee Updates

    • Summer Program

      • Overall better organization than last year

      • Low attendance

      • Students that did attend had enjoyable time

      • Need one person in each classroom at each site

    • 21st Century Teacher Training

      • Los Luceros - August 5th

      • Deadlines

        • Description of curriculum

        • Needs in terms of tables & Chairs

        • Issue with internet at site

          • Specific tech needs - how often will you be using the internet?

          • Space at Alcalde Elementary for Robotics

    • Teacher’s Night Out

      • Early bird registration is open

    • Adelante

      • Will start sign ups next meeting (if we have funding)

    • Sweeney After School Program

      • Details by next meeting

        • How many students will be served

      • In classroom and field trips

      • 200 for funding for each day

    • Creative Collaborations

      • Two organizations partnered with one classroom

        • Exposed to different career paths and options

      • Can be during hours or after school day

      • Funding dependant

      • Will start this fall if we have funding

      • Minimum of 8  visits to the site

        • One classroom


  • Welcome New Steering

    • Leslie Farge and Alana Herrera are now are steering committee

    • We are still looking for one more


  • Next Meeting

    • Friday, August 31st, 12:00pm - 1:00pm - Location TBD


  • Events

    • Railyard Park Conservancy

      •  Pop up playground events

      • Free Training

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