Minutes for July 27th, 2018 Meeting

August 3, 2018


Santa Fe Community Educators Network

Meeting for July 27th, 2018

Museum of International Folk Art


In Attendance: Dana Greenblatt, Americorps VISTA; Shannon Palermo, Railyard Park Conservancy; Carol Aubrey, Transformational Learning; Lauren Henriksen, Creative Santa Fe; Maddie Bavley, Santa Fe Botanical Gardens; Shawna Jones, Santa Fe Botanical Gardens; Therese Fontes, Americorps VISTA Summer Associate; Sarah Caneles, Americorps VISTA Summer Associate; Kemely Gomez, Americorps VISTA Summer Associate; Mollie Parsons, Santa Fe Botanical Gardens; Alana Herrera, Wise Fool; Leslie Farge, Museum of International Folk Art; Leona Hillary, Santa Fe Children’s Museum; Veronica Black, SITE Santa Fe; Drew Ayotte, Meow Wolf.



  • Planning for Next Six Months

    • Ideas for October and January Meeting

      • Sherry Kaufman - Assistant to STEAM Coordinator for Santa Fe Public Schools

        • Maybe to come with Mollie

      • ADA Access

        • NM School for the Deaf

          • Rocky Mountain Youth Corps

        • Behavioral change institute      

          • Jerry Steltzer

          • Children’s Museum

          • Special hours or events that are sensory friendly for families who have children with sensitivities

            • CEN have a schedule out

      • Citizen Science Efforts

        • No direct lead

        • Woman who used to be with Audubon NM

        • Citizen science astronomy

          • Children’s Museum

            • Storytelling and science

        • SFBG has projects going as well

          • Phrenology trail to look at specific plants

          • Part of a larger network

      • Global Warming Express

        • Student created climate change action group

        • Potentially paired with citizen science

      • Community Education from a Culturally Relevant perspective


  • CEN Norm/Expectation Setting

    • Roberts Rules of Order

      • Vote = voice

    • Circular protocol

      • No hierarchy

    • Step Up Step Back

      • If you generally speak up alot in public settings give room for others to speak, if you are quiet and process slowly - push yourself to step up more frequently

    • Everyone is needed and has a valid voice, skills and contributions to bring to the group

    • One person talking at a time “One Mic Rule”

      • Active listening displays a level of respect

    • Practice Respect & Kindness

    • Practice Appreciation & Gratitude

    • Cooperation

    • Practice Conflict Resolution Strategies

      • Acknowledge different perspectives

      • Holding space around standing in disagreement

    • Listen with the possibility of being changed. Speak with the possibility of being heard.

    • Be willing to experience discomfort

      • Be willing to look at parts of yourself that you don’t want to address

    • Remember why we are all here

      • This emerged from a desire to connect with people that have similar positions in their organization

      • Were all always students and teachers in every moment of our life


  • Reminder about Remaining Intern Opportunity

    • SITE Santa Fe - August 10th,  12:00 pm. Please RSVP to Joanne Lefrak at lefrak@sitesantafe.org


  • Teacher’s Connecting with Community Organizations

    • August 2nd, 10 - 2

    • Grace Mayer reached out to me today and asked if there were some folks from CEN who might be willing to lead a 45 minute workshop on how teachers can connect with community organizations. I attached a flyer for the event, but basically, there are two break out sessions that they want to fill. The hope is a simple info session to help teachers connect with community educators. $50 stipend.


  • Creative Santa Fe: Lauren Henricksen

    • Disruptive Dialogues Project - creatively rethinking issues in our community

      • Thinking creatively and re-thinking power structure

    • Housing the future is an event that just happened

      • Discussed the affordable housing crisis in Santa Fe

      • Leveraged science fiction to revision the future

      • Creative prompt for community to use

        • How do next generations exist?

        • Jumping into future space

      • Responding via different artistic mediums

      • Going to create an informational zine that highlights responses that we get back

      • Lauren’s Contact: lhenriksen@creativesantafe.org


  • Grant Update

    • Will be applying for the Santa Fe Community Foundation grant this year again

      • The grant being offered is less this year - heads up we may need to adjust

      • We will plan on continuing all the same programs


  • Sub Committee Updates

    • Summer Program

      • Overall better organization than last year

      • Low attendance

      • Students that did attend had enjoyable time

      • Need one person in each classroom at each site

    • 21st Century Teacher Training

      • Los Luceros - August 5th

      • Deadlines

        • Description of curriculum

        • Needs in terms of tables & Chairs

        • Issue with internet at site

          • Specific tech needs - how often will you be using the internet?

          • Space at Alcalde Elementary for Robotics

    • Teacher’s Night Out

      • Early bird registration is open

    • Adelante

      • Will start sign ups next meeting (if we have funding)

    • Sweeney After School Program

      • Details by next meeting

        • How many students will be served

      • In classroom and field trips

      • 200 for funding for each day

    • Creative Collaborations

      • Two organizations partnered with one classroom

        • Exposed to different career paths and options

      • Can be during hours or after school day

      • Funding dependant

      • Will start this fall if we have funding

      • Minimum of 8  visits to the site

        • One classroom


  • Welcome New Steering

    • Leslie Farge and Alana Herrera are now are steering committee

    • We are still looking for one more


  • Next Meeting

    • Friday, August 31st, 12:00pm - 1:00pm - Location TBD


  • Events

    • Railyard Park Conservancy

      •  Pop up playground events

      • Free Training

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