Minutes for May 25th, 2018 Meeting

May 29, 2018

Santa Fe Community Educators Network Meeting

Friday May 25th, 2018, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Santa Fe Botanical Gardens



Amanda Lee, SITE Santa Fe; Mollie Toll, Museum of NM; Veronica Silva, Santa Fe Children’s Museum


In Attendance:

Dana Greenblatt, VISTA; Molly Timmins, VISTA; Alanna Herrera, Wise Fool; Maddie Bavley, SFBG; Shawna Jones, SFBG; Amanda Lee, SITE Santa Fe; Mollie Toll, Office of Archaeological Studies; Veronica Silva, Santa Fe Children’s Museum; Holly Martinez, Espanola Public Schools; Rae Hoffacker, RRH Education Supervisor; Mary Massey, SFPS; Veronica Black, SITE Santa Fe; Andrea Cassutt, SF Youth Symphony Association; Patricia Sigala, MOIFA


  • May Sagbakken Presentation, “Building a Citywide System for Summer Learning: A Coordinated Response”

    • New Mexico Out of School Time Network: https://nmost.org/

    • There is a lack of resources in rural areas for Out of School Time (OST)

    • A lot of funding available for OST programs is centered around STEM

    • The role of NMOST is to help convene different organizations in a concerted effort

    • After school time provides a unique space for learning

      • Arts education is being cut from school funding

      • After school programs allow young people to explore who they are through activities they may not have access to during the school day

      • Studies have shown that young people are more likely to stay in school if they are connected to at least one adult - after school program providers can be that adult

    • Food Task Force

      • Incorporating a meal into after school programs allows kids to have a third meal in the day before they go home

      • Addressing food access during summer and school breaks is extremely critical as well

    • Summer Learning Summit in Albuquerque

      • Took place during the spring and was a meeting of OST providers across the city

      • Mayor spoke at the meeting and is extremely invested in their efforts

    • Gap Analysis of New Mexico

      • New Mexico is poor but very rich in data

        • Worked with Department of Health to create maps

      • Looks at areas that are low income, have high rates of juvenile justice cases, have high rates of child abuse, etc. and determine whether resources are being appropriately distributed to those areas

      • You can use the resource for advocacy or for discussions with decision makers

    • Fall into Place: Conference for New Mexico Out of School Time Providers

      • Link: https://nmost.org/fall-place-2018

      • Save the date! Friday October 19th - 20th, 2018, (All day)

    • Summer Learning: Closing the Exposure and Opportunity Gap

      • By 6th grade, children from middle income families in the US have spent an average of 6000 or more hours learning in extracurricular activities than children in poverty

    • Summer Learning Outcomes

      • Tracking social and emotional outcomes from your programming is important

      • It is critical that we continually tell our decision makers that these programs do make a difference and have significant impact

      • In addition to discussing the issues we are facing as a state, we can also communicate positive success stories as a network

    • A City Strategy for Public Safety

      • This has been a major priority for the Albuquerque mayor

    • A City Strategy for a Global Workforce

      • OST can be an opportunity to expose and provide young adults with real world skills

    • What Other Cities Have Discovered

      • Boston Learning Together

        • Exceeded their goals in their first year of existance:

          • 70 public schools involved

          • 150 educators

          • 16 NGOs

          • 100+ programs

        • Have continued to expand every year since

      • Underserved Teens in Chicago

        • Realised that gender specific programs were needed

        • Streamlined enrollment process for programs so that homeless population could apply

        • REAL world experience opportunities are key for engaging youth

      • A Coordinated Response

        • Convening to address issues

        • Celebrating success!

        • It can be hard not to burn out while working on this issues in the state of NM; it is important for educators to feel valued

  • Questions:

    • Are there ways that the issue of transportation for children to and from rural areas is being addressed?

      • Coordination with the city; working to use busses that are used for other activities in the city

      • Some public transport does not even go to the rural areas that are underserved

    • How do you reach out to kids in rural areas, especially in the Navajo Nation?

      • May goes to communities and helps them examine their existing resources and think about where they can apply for funding

      • There is an idea to bring leaders from all over NM for a training and send them back into their communities with the knowledge needed to start programs

    • How do you create the bridge between different cultures? For example, will there be presenters at the training to specifically discuss working in the Navajo Nation?

      • You have to make sure that the demographic you are trying to address is telling you what they need

      • It is a challenge in this state to create culturally diverse programming

      • There is high turnover for positions held in Pueblo communities because the pay is so bad, they are often starting from scratch


  • Committee Updates:

    • Adelante

      • Our programming with them will begin again in the fall

      • We are invited to their end of year celebration (June 6th)

    • Teacher Roundtable

      • Small but productive discussion

      • A lot of the discussion was centered around ways for coordinating field trips to be easier for teachers

      • We are hoping to create a resource specifically designed for use by teachers that provides details about field trips and in class education opportunities offered by organizations across the city

    • 21st Century Teacher Training

      • Will be taking place in Los Luceros - recently visited the facility

      • Curriculum is currently being developed by groups of organizations

    • Teacher’s Night Out

      • Will take place at SITE on October 3rd

    • Summer Programming

      • Funding HAS come through

        • June programs will go through Santa fe Botanical Gardens

        • July programs will go through Santa Fe Community Foundation


  • Other CEN Business

    • June 29th Equity and Inclusion Training

      • Will specifically focus on equity and inclusion in STEM

      • Registration will be required and we will cap it at 24

      • This will be Part 1 of a 2 part series (Part 2: Alyssa from the art institute presenting this fall?)

    • July will be a planning meeting

    • Future meeting topics: accessibility

    • It is time to select a new steering committee!

      • Alanna has stepped up

      • E-mail Dana if you are interested

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