Minutes of Meeting January 26, 2018

February 1, 2018

Santa Fe Community Educators’ Network

Meeting agendum for January 26, 2018

Georgia O’Keeffe Education Annex

123 Grant Avenue

12-1 pm

Call to order: Amanda Lee, SITE Santa Fe, Facilitator

In attendance: Elysia Poon, School for Advanced Research; Kathleen Richards, Thoma Art Foundation; Matthew Contos Wikswo, Center for Contemporary Arts; Mary Massey, SFPS; Rae Hoffacker, SFPS, EPS, RRH Educational; Holly Martinez, EPS 21st Century; Claire LaRose, Teaching Artist; Shannon Palermo, Program Coordinator, Railyard Park Conservatory; Mollie Toll, Office of Archaeology; Nick Kunz, NM Mesa; Andrea Lozano, PUHS Art Teacher; Amanda Lee, SITE Santa Fe; Alanna Herrera, Center for Contemporary Arts/Wise Fool; Shannon Bay, O’Keeffe Museum; Josie Butler, SITE Sante Fe; Maddie Barley, SF Botanical Garden /Cooking with Kids; Shawna Jones, SF Botanic Garden; Veronica Silva, Santa Fe Children’s Museum; Carol Schrader, Wise Fool, NM; Patricio Pacheco, City of Sante Fe Water Conservation Office; Sarah Zurick, O’Keeffe Museum; Katie Weeks, Audubon NM; Lucia Duncan, Hands on Heritage


  1. Purpose of meeting: Committee reports and grant writing
    Josie Butler, SITE Santa Fe, grant writing

    • Instrumentl – paid site -- $45 - $119/month.  There is a free trial available.  Offers a matching service and updates to available grants and grant deadlines. 

    • Grantmanship Center – funding state by state, look at different resources based on state funding. 

    • Grants.gov – Government grants, tend to be heftier amounts of money but are time-consuming and have extensive reporting processes. 

    • Finding grants – Foundation Directory Online. The SF Community Foundadtion has a computer that is all-access. Contact Jane Yates at the SFCF to make an appointment to use it, JYates@santafecf.org. If sign up, you’ll get helpful emails. To search ‘grants’ and ‘companies’ must pay a fee or use SFCF computer.  Montly fees are between $88-$200/month. You can search the IRS 990s of a foundation for free.  Look at part XV of the 990 to see past grant recipients, perhaps there are similar ones to your organization.  

Questions to consider:


What’s obtainable? Don’t force the grant to fit your organization.  Instead find a grant is a better fit – how serious is org, who have they funded in past, how much $ do they have to give?

Who are you contacting?  Create a relationshp, lay groundwork.  Talk to people in charge of grant review, they can connect application to face.  Albertson’s does community grants  -- is their corporation being helped too? Employees, kids of employees.  Important to look at the requirements. 

After research, et al look at the Santa Fe Data Hub (Birth 2 Career – free to use). Data spotlight – high school graduation rates, dropout rates. Dashboard has four key groups Mayor’s Youth & Family Services are focusing on.  New data resouces also there.  School district web site has enrollment #s, free lunch, test scores.

Shannon Bay gave report from the Open Communications Meeting at the SF Community Foundation (1/26) about the upcoming grant cycles from City & the SF Community Foundation.  City funding was released last week, a multi-program award, cap at $30,000, year-long grant.  Starts on May 1, 2018, ends June 30, 2019.  If interested, focus on specific indicators – reducing alcohol/drug abuse, increasing birth rate, decreasing suicide, services for pregnant women. If your organization works with these, can apply.  Focus indicators, ask for reporting back.  Trying to make process efficient. Pre-proposal meeting on 2/2 if you’re thinking to apply, attend, and also give feedback from last year. Application is due by 2/16 at 2 pm, five copies – 1 original, plus 4 Xerox. Will be notified within 30 days of grant.  About 30-35 applicants for 24 programs.  Some applicants have asked for $3000, some $30,000.  Organizations who hit and directly affect the indicators have the best chance. 

The SF Community Foundation will hold pre-proposal info sessions on January 30  (9:00am - 11:00am) and February 12 (2:00pm - 4:00pm).  Grant focal points are:  educational success, career pathways, sustainable agriculture, 3rd grade reading, 8th grade math, and HS graduation rates.


2. Committee Reports:

  • Adelante – no Juntos programming in February.  Please see the sign up sheet – dates for March and May. Thanks to all who’ve provided programming so far. 

  • Creative Collaborations) – figuring out schedules. 

  • 21st Century Training – date for next training – Saturday, August 25.  Los Luceros as site – potential. 

  • After school programs – SITE wrote a grant, not a good match

  • Summer programming – day of training May 31 and/or June 1 – CEN one day to assist.  Chapparal and ECRA sites.  Gap in August, good time to launch programming as nothing going on for kids. Focus on 3rd-4th graders, literacy common thread.  Reading CWG will design a training for the summer programs.  Due date for curricula is March 15th.  (Shannon & Matthew).  Next meeting is March 16th at O’Keeffe Annex 9 am. 

  • Teachers' Night Out – October 3rd. Hosted by SITE Santa Fe

3.  Close of meeting/Plan for next month

  • Topic: Collective Advocacy (Plan A)

  • Topic: Read Wallace report & discuss  (Plan B)

  • Date/location:  February 23, 12-1 pm, School for Advance Research










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