Minutes of Meeting December 1, 2017

December 4, 2017

Community Educators’ Network

Meeting Minutes

Date:  Friday, December 01, 2017

Location: Udall Center for Museum Resources


In attendance:  Lucia Duncan, Hands on Heritage; Alanna Herrera, Center for Contemporary Arts; Amanda Lee, SITE Santa Fe; Shannon Bay, Georgia O’Keefe museum; Scott Green, WOW Mobile Museum; Sarah Zurick, Georgia O’Keefe museum; Shawna Jones, Santa Fe Botanical Garden; Nadine Stafford, Interfaith Coalition for Public Education; Chris Jonas, Littleglobe; Mollie Parsons, Santa Fe Botanical Garden; Mathew Contos, SITE Santa Fe; Adria  Winfield, Americorps/VISTA; Ellie Hoffman, Americorps/VISTA; Mollie Toll, NM Office of Archaeology; Jamie Brytowski, DCA Mobile Museum Wonders on Wheels


I. Call to order: Amanda Lee, SITE Santa Fe, Facilitator

II. Purpose of meeting: Catch up/future planning meeting

III. Steering Committee needs people. Amanda Lee will continue as part of the Steering Committee for the next six months. If you’re interested in being part of this, please contact Amanda: lee@sitesantafe.org

IV. Committee Reports:

a. Adelante – Shannon Bay brought the current schedule for Adelante family nights, which are held on Wednesday evenings at Sweeney Elementary, and she also gave invoices to organizations who have participated.  The programming is going well. Your organization will receive $50 for participating. 
b. Creative Collaborations – Matthew Contos.  This involves two or more organizations/professionals in classroom with goals focusing on middle school students. Participants are asked to commit to eight or more visits – either in a row or spread out.  Eight visits are needed to build a relationship with the students.  Data is taken as a collective assessment and a spreadsheet is created to show collective impact.  There is funding for this program $2000 split among each participant in organization.  Professional could be a CEN member or someone from the community.  If interested, let Matthew know: contos@sitesantafe.org   A meeting will be held on December 7 with Matthew, Wise Fool, and NM Mesa; 11 am at Wise Fool. 
c. 21st century Mollie Parsons – community learning grant federal Espanola and Santa Fe – implement into after school programs. Next training Saturday, January 20th.  Full day 8:30 – 3:00.  Collective evaluations and school district evaluations too.  Three sites – History, O’Keefe and one TBD – either in SF or Espanola. It will be a continuation of previous training in late August.  $1000-1100 per org to put together curriculum 24 one-hour lessons. Nm.afterschool.wordpress.com – lessons available here.  Goody bags if you’d like to include swag.  Bag stuffing 10:00 -1:00 at Georgia O’Keefe on Friday, January 19th. 
d. After school programs Shawna Jones -- next Teachers’ Night Out October 3, 2018. Tentatively at SITE Santa Fe. 
e. Summer programming Mollie Parsons –  there is a planning meeting on December 5. The summer program will be with the city as last year.  More training of staff needed; last year’s did not have so much.  Mixed ages so curricula had to be flexible. Weakness identified – slow summer ‘learning loss’ – not as successful as hoped. This year – literacy as a common thread. 
f. Hands on Heritage – Lucia Duncan – focused on geography and culture of northern NM.  Two field trips per week. Two site coordinators hired.  Formed advisory council.  Talking about how to make learning more in-depth – pre- and post-field trip visits.  Sliding scale payment for students.  Curricula tied to field trips.

V. Planning the next six months of meetings

a. Amanda opened discussion for topics of the next six meetings.
b. January Collective Grant Writing with Josie Butler identifying grants CEN could apply for. The issue of paying for transportation can be included. 
c. In October, Amanda and Shawna gave a presentation on docent training and discussed having docents of different sites swap with each other. Amanda passed out a sign-up sheet.  Volunteers can also attend to learn about other sites: 
  1. Future CEN meetings can be a combined professional development for volunteers and docents.  Shared training – collaborating with other organizations, led by Amanda Lee & Shawna Jones.

  2. Also, a session on interacting with students and teachers.

  3. How to work with trauma-informed care – have a panel of professionals from the area to have a discussion.

  4. Equity and inclusion


d. Shannon Bay will look into Crystal Bridges and bringing a speaker to CEN.  More info here
e. Evaluation and Assessment – Adria Winfield
f. Alyshia Kapoor and SITE Santa Fe -- cultural competency, in spring
g. Observing each other’s teaching – get a protocol to evaluate, Mollie Parsons
h. Collective Advocacy – combined meeting with Interfaith Coalition Nadine Stafford


VI.  Close of meeting/Plan for next month

      The next CEN meeting will be held Friday, January 26 from 12-1 at the Georgia O’Keefe                  museum. 
















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