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Meeting Notes, September 29, 2017

October 1, 2017


Meeting Minutes
Community Educators’ Network

Friday, September 29, 2017

Center for New Mexico Archaeology (CNMA)

12-1 pm

In attendance:

Shannon Bay, O’Keefe Museum; René Harris, NMHM/POG; Melanie LaBorwit, New Mexico History Museum; Louise Majorey, Americorps/VISTA, SF Birth to Career; Mary Massey, SF Public Schools; Adria Winfield, Americorps/VISTA, SF Birth to Career; Joanne Lefrak, SITE Santa Fe; Julie Sanchez, City of Santa Fe; Heidi Heidgerten, Santa Fe Children’s Museum; Connie Schaekel, Lensic; Acacia Barnett, Lensic; Amy Christian, Wisefool; Nick Kunz, NM Mesa; Liz Brindley, O’Keefe Museum; Amanda Lee, SITE Santa Fe; Alishiya Kapoor; Sara Van Note; Claire LaRose; Magdalena Wantschik; Mollie Toll, Office of Archaeological Studies; Mathew Contos, SITE Santa Fe; Patricia Sigala, Museum of International Folk Art


Shannon Bay

Alishiya Kapoor:

  • Alishiya gave a report about her experience as Extended Education VISTA working with Susan Duncan on 21st century training; Aspire at eight schools, five days/week, did observations.Looking at three schools that are four days/week, some 5 days/week.Having four days only can cause problems – empty day. Some programs have meals, very helpful to parents. After school programs who do this great for kids, likely haven’t eaten since 11 am.AK noticed progress – 21st C at 14 schools; Salazar homework and food program. Alishiya has a list from last year, ages 8-14; 22 schools, some Aspire and 21st Century. Some schools have their own programs.

    • Are they any schools who don’t have after school programs? Sweeney only has one.

    • Where are there gaps? Helpful to have a list of schools with programs/without.Hasn’t been updated yet.

    • Aspire pulled out of schools.Kids free at 12-1 pm on Fridays, nothing going on afterwards.Aspire funding source is a private non-profit.Fee-based, $225/month per family.Only school is Amy Biehl this year.

    • Is there a need for after school programs in HS? Very few – tutoring at SF high school, limited tutoring both high schools at exam time.High school students may work, do sports, and/or have clubs.

    • Not all 21st century programs at capacity this year.

    • Community partners built curricula to train teachers in SF and Espanola. Teachers responded well, very excited to implement curriculum. Hopefully will have a grant two more school years after this one.Grant is a federal one, targeted toward low-income students who are struggling academically.Grades, attendance, evaluations of schools – to meet federal standards.Can look at CEN website for info about 21st C program.All stakeholders are surveyed twice a year.


  • There was discussion about transportation for after school programs, van to bring kids to multiple options

    • Partners in Education, Target, Walmart – options for transportation funding/issues. 10-mile radius field trips

    • Herrara offers bus services –

  • Creative collaborations – SITE will set a subcommittee for out-of-school supplemental education.Bringing professionals in the classroom for experiential learning.First meeting in two weeks’ time, can decide area of largest impact.

  • If there are questions about after school programming, contact Mary Massey


Announcements/Upcoming events


Next Meeting

  • Friday, October 27, 2017 at SITE Santa Fe 12-1 pm.  Address: 1606 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe.

  • Suggestion for partners to update programs so groups can partner/coordinate

  • A Google doc will be set up and sent to the group for this ^^purpose



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