Meeting Notes, August 25, 2017

September 14, 2017

SFCEN Monthly Meeting

Georgia O’Keefe Education Annex

August 25, 2017

12:00 – 1:30


  1. In attendance:  Shawna Jones, SF Botanical Garden, Sarah Zurick, Georgia O’Keefe Museum, Diego Medina, Georgia O’Keefe Museum, Josie Butler, Georgia O’Keefe Museum, Shannon Bay, Georgia O’Keefe Museum, Annika Berry, Georgia O’Keefe Museum, Kemely Gomez, SITE Santa Fe, Mollie Parsons, Santa Fe Botanical Garden, Nadine Stafford, ICPE, Nick Kunz, NM Mesa, Adria Winfield, Santa Fe Birth to Career, Emme Im Stronkoff, Gorm, Matthew Contes, SITE Santa Fe, Carol Aubrey, Storytellers and Writers, Lydia Lopez, SF Botanical Garden, Lisa Noriega, City of Santa Fe


  1. Updates

  • Teachers’ Night Out (Shawna). Date finalized to Oct. 4th.  Donation from LANB, 20 vendors are signed up. SF Botanical Garden.  Hoping for great turnout.  Send TNO digital flyer to the CEN group

  • 21st century training August 26th. 150 teachers coming. 

  • Grant rec’d from SFCF for $12,000 (2 iterations). Will continue to work with Adelante. If programs collaborate, they can receive a $50 incentive; for example, if Georgia O’Keefe and Botanical Gardens collaborate. Contact Shannon Bay for reimbursements that come from grant.

  • Creative Collaborations is a subcommittee of CEN. The organizations of this committee work together to put professionals from their field into schools for long term projects (8-10 visits). The group also works together to create surveys and assessment models for collective data and reporting (Matthew Contos, SITE Santa Fe)

  • Passing of Susan Duncan.  Can talk about later how to honor her memory.  Susan's obit in the New Mexican


  1. Guest speaker Richard Rabinowitz, 50 years of museum education, author of Curating America

  • How has world evolved and changed?

  • Is the younger generation aware of museum education?

  • Generations of work – what’s changed, what hasn’t changed re museum education

  • Partner Linda Kaplan

  • Richard’s book about experiences of curating museums projects throughout career

  • Began with talk about how we all came to the arts, why here

  • OK to be on the margins of museum institutions?

  • In 1960s, museums still needed to be convinced that they were educational institutes. Elite objects most often what was collected. Even museum exhibitions on everyday life focused more on elite objects.  Sturbridge – director of school services, schoolkids tours.  Richard took over changed it to Museum Educator.  Easier to deal with indie schools than public ones.

  • How do we think about the constituencies we serve? How to find a way to define who should be engaged in this work? Are we reaching the Core Population? How do classroom teachers become part of the work?

  • Pictures at the Annex of kids’ work from summer program. (Shannon) Trying to build up more diverse workforce at museum.  Work opportunities to young people at the O’Keefe. 

  • Partners in Ed kids get field trips

  • How much curriculum is infused with art? What are teachers doing? How to be allies with teachers (Matthew)?

  • Depends on principal of school.  Arts Integration has come long way in 25 years.  Try to do professional development so teachers are aware of this.  (Storytellers)

  • Hope for 21st century training – experiential learning (Nadine)

  • Teacher training (Mollie) – can be limited in scope – same lesson every teacher teaching same thing at same time.   Teachers need freedom and permission to try new things. 

  • Current systems failing across the board.  Groups like SITE get called in to fill gaps.  As things fall apart, alternatives will come into play.

  • Folk Art to Go: one classroom per year, outreach visit, project, tour.  Teachers given a lesson plan. Up to 4000 kids every year October – May.  Pulled back to two days a week this year.  Try to have programs on the free Sundays (once a month) so families can come without worrying about cost. (MOIFA)

  • One Santa Fe talked about cultural amenities on the South Side. Only gathering place on that side of town is library, which is 10 years old.   So many amenities located in tourist areas downtown. SS is left behind. Important for downtown cultural amenities to go into South Side schools.

  • Low Rider Show at the History Museum. This ran from May 2016 – March 2017. There are conversations about building a Low Rider museum in Espanola. Looking for right place for local culture.

  • What is useful to public arts education? SF Public Library getting ready to study clients’ needs.










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