Meeting Notes 5.26.17

June 1, 2017

SFCEN Meeting

May 26, 2017

Santa Fe Community Foundation


Internship Conversation with Sean Martinez (YouthWorks) and Katy Gross (Little Globe)




Introduction of members and guests Katy Gross and Sean Martinez


Conversation- facilitated by Alanna Herrera (CCA)

  • What strategies and practices do you use to ensure a successful internship?

    • It is important to consider the connection to the intern’s educational goals, not just think of interns as free help. There needs to be direct alignment with school/professional goals and individualized for each intern. This takes a lot of thoughtful, intentional oversight.

    • Allana provided a handout detailing how she has handled setting and evaluating intern goals in the past. Developing a contract for interns to sign has been beneficial.

    • It’s necessary to find a happy medium between intern and organizational goals. Flexibility is a must. Providing a list of projects and then revisiting these goals and projects midway has been successful.

    • Katy Gross- Littleglobe’s internship program began as the Youth Media project which folded into Littleglobe. Interns are trained to be educators and media producers. Funding sources have changed the scope of the internship program as their focus has shifted to serving disconnected youth who need extra support.

    • Sean Martinez provided an overview of YouthWorks apprenticeship program. As a workforce development program, they serve youth ages 16-24 in multiple capacities including a GED and construction program. The apprenticeship program pairs youth who have completed the pre employment training with sponsoring organizations. YouthWorks provides support for both the employer and the apprentice throughout the 3 month internship. Apprentices are placed based on their interests and work about 20 hours a week. Successful relationships between apprentice and employer require clear goals and intentions, lots of guidance and patience. Contact Sean for more information:

  • Describe some of your internship challenges and how you were able to deal with those challenges

    • Posting internships and having very few- if any- applications. Possible solution- expand the potential applicant pool.

    • Are internships more work than they’re worth?

  • Describe some of your internship successes

    • SF Opera has had success in the past by setting specific “job descriptions”. These were seasonal internships so there was a steep learning curve and a lot of intensive work in beginning.

    • Scheduling an intern lunch one day a week with senior staff members was very popular and successful

  • How do we share resources?

    • Alanna volunteered to post some resources in the “Member Resources” section of the website. Password is always included in the member invite each month.


Committee Reports: (12:35)

  1. Creative Collaborations- final presentation happened last Thursday and went really well. Project spanned across 8 different partnering organizations and served 6 middle schools.Videos and graph will go on website. The Hestia Foundation (who supported this project)  wants to know how to continue to support collaborative work. The Hestia Foundation is a group of women who pool their resources to donate to middle school youth programing. Organizations apply in March and funding is allocated the next February. Long time to wait to hear about funding.

  2. Adelante- finished for year. There is a project happening this June working with parents/youth to make artwork that can be sellable. Financial committee will apply for more funding for this project.

  3. Communications Committee- not much to report. Planning on email blast soon. In the process of developing a logo.

  4. Teachers Resource Fair - thinking of rebranding the event as a “Night Out with SFCEN”- more of a teacher appreciation event. Location TBA. Still working with SFPS to set a date that works for them. Committee is meeting today and will ask for more members after this meeting.

  5. Summer Intern - An “intern networking event” spreadsheet will be attached to the eblast next week

  6. Financial - $12,000 grant last year paid for John Ross and the strategic plan project as well as several other small projects. Meeting at 1:30 May 30th to discuss writing new grant for next year’s funding. Received a $10,000 grant for the summer city program and have applied for $2500 to make sure all participating organizations will get $1000 for a week of work.

  7. 21st century- may be getting cut. This upcoming school year is funded, uncertain after that. Meeting May 31st, 3:30-4:30.

  8. Summer Programs- All weeks are filled with orgs and field trips are scheduled. WIll be at Sweeney Elementary. Expect email from Mollie soon.


New business

  1. Project North Star- Superintendent Garcia’s effort to set guiding principles for the school district in relationship to strategic plan. Previous meetings held with principals, administrators, students and families. This last meeting was for the public- lots of youth serving orgs. Had a “we believe” statment about 10 items, invited edits. Good to see Dr. Garcia in action with a small group of people outside of core school district. Not clear on next steps and how they will use information. Dr. Garcia was interested in SFCEN though she’s still putting together all of the community pieces.  The Interfaith Coalition for Public Education is now on her schedule every other month.

  2. Alishiya- she received an email from someone who would like to know if anyone wants to form a group focused on outdoor education. Contact Alishiya if interested:


Next Meeting: June 30th, Santa Fe Botanical Garden, Topic: Immigration 101

Wear sunscreen and a hat!


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