Meeting Notes 3/31/2017

April 6, 2017

SFCEN Meeting

March 31, 2017

O'Keeffe Education Annex



  • Alanna Herrera – Center for Contemporary Arts

  • Liz Brindley – O’Keeffe Museum

  • Clare LaRose -- freelance educator

  • Mollie Parsons – Santa Fe Botanical Gardens

  • Nick Kunz -- NM Mesa 

  • Shannon Bay – O’Keeffe Museum

  • Matthew Contos – SITE 

  • Carol Schrader -- Wise Fool

  • Rene Harris -- NMHM/POG

  • Nadine Stafford – ICPE

Introductions and Upcoming Events

  • Santa Fe Community Summit on Tuesday, April 11, 4:30-7:30pm - register on the Santa Fe Birth to Career website

  • Adelante Wednesday Collaborations

    • more dates available

    • hands on fun for families

    • Contact Shannon Bay –

Committee Reports

  • Steering Committee

    • Introducing current (through July) committee: Liz Brindley, Claire LaRose, Alanna Herrera

    • run and coordinate meetings, provide snacks, take notes

    • Alishiya is still heavily involved

  • City Collaborative Summer Programming

    • 6 week programs, 50 children for the duration of program

    • located at city summer camp

    • pilot 3 programs at 3 sites

      • hands on activities, Santa Fe public schools summer school, and regular recreational program

    • Kathleen Dall - PHD student to evaluate and collect data

    • goal of kids feeling more engaged and wanting to be there

    • if you choose to participate as an organization

      • $1000 for 5 days of programs at institution

      • let Molly know if you're interested

      • looking for orgs to host for the weeks of 6/12, 6/19, 6/26, 7/17

      • there would be two orgs per week, each with 25 students from 4th-7th grade

  • Creative Collaborations

    • wrapping up programs

    • have official surveys to share

    • get groups to work collaboratively to provide alternative education sources and programs for schools

    • compiling info for evaluation

    • participating orgs would create at least 8 one-hour sessions

  • Communications Committee

    • make sure to sign up on website if you're not receiving emails - check your spam!

    • 1st newsletter just went out

    • Alishiya is point person on website and newsletter

    • website overview

      • how to get involved

      • events calendar

      • community events 

        • to advertise what you're up to

        • anyone can sign up and log in

      • committee lists with contact person per committee

      • meeting notes

      • member resources pw: Contact


Introduce new members

  • no new members


Other business


  • 21st Century program

    • train teachers to do after school training 

    • grant for Santa Fe and Española schools

    • partner organizations

    • 6 weeks of curriculum

      • 1/2 day, 4 days/week, after school

    • categorized by grade level

    • coordinate with teachers

    • can come in to support implementations of curriculum in schools

    • common core standards

    • participating teachers are now coming in for more field trips to participating institutions

    • substantial after school curriculum and academic value

    • talk to Mollie to get involved for next year

    • fall and spring curriculum resource

  • Teacher Resource Fair Survey

    • survey for participating teachers

    • how to attract more teachers 

    • survey possible spring board for focus groups

    • the fair has been in mid-Sept. for the last two years

    • non-profit resources for teachers

    • teachers from public private, home school

    • small response from teachers for 2016 event

    • get Santa Fe school district in on getting more teachers at the fair

    • is mid-Sept a good time?

    • get help from inside administration

    • can we reach a broader set of teachers with the survey?

    • use CEN website to spread info to teachers?

    • consolidate all of our teacher lists to create a large CEN teacher mailing list

  • Pilot May 4th Principal for a Day

    • bring people from business community in to schools to shadow principals and debrief experience at lunch

    • the more people in the system we can involve the more buy in

  • Advocacy with CEN

    • how does that look?

    • what can we do?

    • advocacy should be on a volunteer basis

    • share advocacy resources, links, news, rallies, etc.

    • create/use a letter template for CEN members to use for advocacy

    • collective letter or statement among orgs on NEA funding

    • start a conversation about advocacy

    • share info on events and actions being taken

  • Next Meeting:

    • Location: New Mexico Museum of Arts

    • Date; Time: Friday, April 28, 2017; 12-1 PM

    • Topic: Early Childhood Education

    • Facilitator: Claire LaRose

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