Meeting Notes 2/24/2017

February 27, 2017

SFCEN Meeting

February 24, 2017

History Museum



  • Alishiya Kapoor – B2C, SFCF

    • March 1st Event with the

  • Salome Block – B2C, SFCF

  • Alanna Herrera – Freelance educator

  • Sarah Vannote – Museum of Art

    • Wikipedia editathon, Art and Women

  • Leslie Fagre – MOIFA

    • Tramp Art exhibit opening in March

  • Rene Harris – History Museum

    • Families Make History, 3 Sunday of the month

  • Melanie LaBorwit – History Museum

    • Food heritage and food hsitory

  • Susan McIntosh – SF Science Initiative

    • March 11 – Science and Literacy

  • Diane Garber – SF Science Initiative

  • Nadine Stafford – Coalition for Interfaith

    • Principal for a Day

    • Afterschool programs

  • Karen Gomez – IAIA, Director of Careers

    • Wants to match

    • April 4th – Job fair

  • Shawna Jones – SFBG

    • Last lecture of the winter lecture series

  • Meghan Maher – SF Performing Arts, Meow Wolf, Chimera

    • SF Performing Arts fundraiser – March 17, 7pm, tickets

  • Mollie Toll – Office of Archaeological Studies

  • Tracey Enright – O’Keeffe Museum

  • Shannon Bay – O’Keeffe Museum

    • 20th anniversary events

  • Sam Funk – Audubon

  • Matthew Contos – SITE Santa Fe

  • Susan Duncan – SFPS and B2C

  • Liz Brindley – O’Keeffe Museum


Susan Duncan

  • Film about food justice

    • CCA, 12:30pm, Saturday, Friday, February 25, 2017

    • Film about Corn in Mexico and importance of native corn

  • SFPS

    • Last Month as the School Board President

    • Biggest issue: Budget

      • $1.5-2 million cuts

      • Reserves swept from districts, down to 4%

        • Rainy day fund

        • Pay for programs up front, that need to be reimbursed later

      • Other funds taken as well, books, etc

      • Proposal for increased revenue from the House seems reasonable

    • All else is going well

      • Excellent superintendent

        • Working extremely hard

        • On top of everything

        • Works well with the community

        • Wants to bring community organizations into the school

      • Building on positive progress

        • 3x number of students in pre-k

        • Increased graduation rate

        • More specialized schools, such as ECO, Mandela

      • Thanks to partners

        • 21st Century Program – expanded from 5 to 14 schools

        • Summer program partners

        • In the schools during the school day

  • Out of School Time Working Group

    • Susan started this group 3 years ago

    • Focused on After school and summer programs

      • Research shows that students involved in these programs are more successful in school

      • Particularly important to low income students, many of whom are in families who don’t have the resources to be able to provide these resources at home

    • Bringing together programs after/summer/etc

      • How can we improve/increase these programs?

      • 21st Century – Provides high quality after school

    • More of a focus on summer programming at this point, with 2 focuses

      • Making up classwork for high school students

      • Summer school for elementary and middle school

      • K3+ program

        • Focus there for brain development, basics of school

        • Still funded by state (as of now)

        • 5 week extension of school, taught by the teacher they will have the next year

        • Limited funding, but only for high poverty and low achieving schools

        • Not a mandatory program, so there are challenges with attendance for many reasons

        • Might be the only academic programs

      • Likely that title 1 Funds will not be available to pay for traditional summer school programs

      • Looking closely at partnering with the City

        • Tried to partner for this summer, but funding challenges did not allow this to be confirmed yet

        • SFCF Might be able to pay for the SFPS – probably about $90K/250 kids, 4 weeks, 4 days a week (from a previous year), $40,000 could pilot it this year

        • Then apply for funding for the larger project in 2018


    • Individual programs – Susan is raining funds for these

      • Scrubclub – Health sciences group, 230 kids, hands on learning about medicine and science, taught by Capitol HS students and overseen by teachers at the Medical Academy at the High School

        • Scrubclub is attracting these students to the HS

      • Hands-on Heritage – 5 day a week, 8am-3pm, hands-on project based learning focused on Northern New Mexico, through science, art, crafts, environment, etc

        • Same days as K3+

        • 4th-8th grade

        • At Aspen and El Camino Real

        • 2 field trips a week to sites, museums, archaeological sites, Audubon, Watershed, etc

        • 3 days in class

        • Visiting artists, story tellers, etc

      • Native American Program – Gonzales with academics and enrichment, learning through a native lens. All the native students across the district come together at one site. Trips to different sites to do different programs and visit museums, etc

      • Summer arts camp – Music, choir, art, band, etc – Fee based program, $250. Raising money for this

  • Question: Who to talk to at the district?

    • Trina, Mary Massey, or Susan Duncan

    • Or Communities in Schools


Committee Reports

  • Adalante – Tracey

    • More dates available, thanks for those who have so thus far

    • Contact Shannon Bay –

  • Creative Collaborations

    • Meeting on Tuesday, 12 at Art Smart

  • Communications

    • Send feedback on the website to Alishiya

  • Summer Programs with the City

    • Meeting next week, Weds at 1pm at SFCF

    • Applying for funding for programs










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