Meeting Notes 2/1/2017

February 1, 2017

CEN Meeting  1/27/2017

Mollie- Botanical Gardens

                Docent training beginning a week from Saturday

Megan- Santa Fe Performing Arts and MEOW WOLF

                Mid- April performance of Wizard of Oz  

Elysia- SAR

                Call for interns, 2 9-month positions

Shawna- Botanical Gardens

                Tai Chi and yoga during lunch hour

Sara- New Mexico Museum of Art

                Art and Feminism March 11, 10AM-4PM

Mollie T.- Office of Archaeology Studies, Museum of NM

Rene- NM History Museum

                Feb. 19 1:30-3:30 bird feeders for family              

                Every third Sunday

Jennifer- International Folk Art Alliance

Alishiya- Santa Fe Birth 2 Career

Liz- Georgia O’ Keeffe

Jamie- NM Dept. Of Cultural Affairs

                Mobile museum on the road again in March

Salome- Santa Fe Birth 2 Career

Katherine Courtney- Santa Fe Community Foundation

Sarah- Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

Claire- Independent Teaching artist

Susan- SF Science initiative

                Let’s go ape- animals and plants

                Science café at o’keeffe feb.23 (13-19)

Amanda- SITE Santa Fe

                Call for young artist 13-25, deadline today but theme is consumerism (effects on environment, using recycled material for their art work)

Madonna- Girls Inc.

                Registration for summer and spring break camp- Feb 21

                Hiring Summer Camp facilitators

Program manager

Joanne- Youth commission and SITE

                SITE closed for renovation for Feb.

Andrea- SF Youth Symphony Association

Selena- NM Epscor

Rulan- Dancing Earth

                Intertribal collective- Performing arts, around the country and world and wants to do more here in New Mexico

Nadine- Interfaith coalition for education

                Following educational legislative bills- having another forum

Leland- Moving Arts Espanola

Amy Christian- Wise Fool NM

Maria Jose- Earth Care


Creative Collaborations- Joanne

  • Subcommittee of the CEN group

  • Organizations working together and within the public school system

  • Plan to start collecting information when you bring experiential education in the classroom

  • Grant from Wise Fool will help with the assessments

  • Email if interested in the subcommittee

  • Will be posting as google doc and tweak it together to fit the needs of the program

Adelante- Sarah

  • Through SFPS helping at risk of youth

  • Tracey has been organizing different partnership for Adelante on Wednesday evenings

  • Acknowledging the different organizations that have helped

    • Opened for other people to share- really good feedback from participants

  • Contact Tracey

  • Suggested bringing extra material so kids could bring materials home


Communications Committee- Andrea, Alishiya and Mollie

  • New website- check out and share feedback

  • A way to share what we are doing and to be organized within our network

  • Solving a few issues- if anyone has ideas

    • What sort of things represented about organizations- best way to organize- little questionnaire about the draft

    • Calendar or posting to share partner events

  • Email us with input about the website and other communications information

Summer Intern- Mollie

  • Spreadsheet with a google doc

  • Create an opportunity for our interns to get to know one another

  • Botanical Gardens hosting one on June 8

  • In the network to share- topic for a future meeting


Summer Program with city of Santa Fe- Joanne

  • City Summer program June 5- July 27

  • Provide experiential learning for a range of ages, in need of more opportunites

  • Budget- rely on the organization for their funds

  • The city program has transportation for anyone who wants to host field trips

  • Organizations in teams or individually provide programming on their site

  • Possibly on the Southside of the town- waiting to hear about what site

  • Need a sense of organizations would be interested in participating

  • About 3 hours of programming- specific age group,

  • Questionnaire for what the needs are of the organization- fits best for their type of programming

  • Can’t offer funding for any materials at this moment

Collaborative Funding-  Katherine Courtney, Santa Fe Community Foundation

  • Foundation open grant cycle- phase looking specifically at education

  • Birth 2 career funding- open later in the spring, fund collaborative working group

    • CEN has used this funding for Teachers fair, Adelante programming, professional development, network planning

  • Sub-committee- to apply for funding together, work together to get to existing programs

  • Contact Joanne as head of this committee or if anyone is interested



Six Month Planning Calendar- All

  • Feb. 24 NM History Museum

    • Susan Duncan talk at the next meeting – Host that meeting

  • March 31- open discussion day 

    • Conflicts with Cesar Chavez day and Youth Summit

  • Rika Burnham FRICK museum in NY- (doodle poll on that one)

    • Teaching in the art museum- history of informal learning/ best practices, docents and guides

    • Separate day for CEN members

      • April 3 or 4, Professional Development

      • Could get extra books?

    • Possibly compensate anyone to come to the lecture that is later- held at SITE?

  • April 28 Meeting

    • Held at NM Museum of Art

    • Early Childhood

    • Possibly have Jeannie Oakes to talk

    • Extend the lunch by an hour for professional development workshop proposed by Tracey

  • May 26 Meeting

    • Earth Care

    • Internship, follow up to a thread that will start

  • June 30

    • Botanical Gardens

    • Possibly immigration 101 training- how policies are being changed, Allegra Love as our speaker

  • Shared Leadership Model- 2-4 people to oversee the group for the next few months

    • 2-4 hours depending

    • Claire and Liz interested

  • Separate times to visit some of the institutions- separate meetings, to get to know other member institutions, go to the Southside




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